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Product Catalog
PARATUS Emergency Preparedness is the exclusive Canadian distributor for
Education: LifeGuard maufactures student desks K to 12, staff desks, library tables, consoles, and workstations. Special solutions have included science labs, computer labs, music rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums and perimeter protection. Our new daycare playhouse are very popular.
Wheel Chair Accessible LifeGuard: ADA 60'H x 48" D x 42 W The ADA is our safety shelter for persons reliant on wheel-chair for mobility and that cannot follow the 'Drop Cover Hold' protocol. ADA units come complete with grab handles, seat beltand locator bumps.
Retrofit to Existing Workstations: LifeGuard manufactures 12 base models that can modify your current workstations and some standard size desks, reception or other existing furniture.
Executive Desks: Can be clad in many types and styles of different wood or laminate finishes, with one or two drawer inserts, padding, handles, life supplies, water, food, waste and emergency survival provisions.
Other Office Furniture: Boardroom tables, work centre's, reception desk and pinwheel table that can shelter up to 12 adults.
Bulletproof Safe room: LifeGuard Structures provide you with a safe room for any situation. NIJ Level III bulletproof and non-collapsible means you will always be safe.
Kitchen: LifeGuard has designed a kitchen corner unit intended for residential and commercial kitchens. A centre island step down unit that can also be included in your kitchen design plans.
Create your own: Paratus can help you create your own style and finish. Simply choose a base, decide on the purpose and design of your creation with us. Your ideas are welcome, we can build custom cells for your special purpose.