Are you trying to figure out a way to get the protection furniture you really need with the little to no budget you’ve been given for the project? Are you trying to optimize your cash flow? Are you looking at your organization’s complete strategy for creating a safe workplace? PARATUS can help. We have flexible financing and lease options to meet your needs. You can choose to own the products or you can use the products now and in the future if your relocating to a low risk environment you can decide whether you want to purchase or return them. You can count on us to help provide the best solutions. And to make it easy, you can finance your safety cells, delivery, and installation. Just ask us for a financing quote.

  • Conserve Capital
  • Realize Tax Benefits
  • Protect Lines of Credit
  • Manage Your Balance Sheet
  • Maximize Purchasing Power


Sometimes you may need to dive deeper in your workplace acquisition strategy. We can share our insights and experience to help identify solutions to have a positive effect on cash flow, return on equity and return on assets. We can provide information on topics such as tax implications. As well as an analysis to consider lease vs. buy. We provide the best solutions.

Two of our most popular lease options:

Fair Market Value Lease

Used when flexibility of using products now with option to own or return later. Lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee May qualify for off-balance sheet, operating lease treatment for reporting purposes Lower payment compared to a $1 Buy Out Lease At the end of the lease term, purchase products for fair market value, renew the lease or return products to PARATUS because you have moved out of high risk building or you are going to refresh your workspace with new safety products from PARATUS.

$1 Buy Out Lease

Used when ownership is the main objective. Depreciation expense may be able to be claimed by lessee. Interest portion of lease payment may be able to be deducted by lessee.At the end of the lease term, purchase the products for $1.00.

Conserving Capital

Instead of tying up your money in a capital equipment purchase or utilizing bank loans which usually require compensating balances and/or loan covenants, financing allows you to pay for your purchase in low monthly payments. You retain your cash for investing in higher return opportunities. Financing also circumvents capital budget restraints.

Ownership of Equipment (under the lease agreement)

As lessor under the equipment lease agreement, The leasing company owns the equipment and claims the Capital Cost Allowance on any equipment that is leased. You are responsible for the maintenance and insurance costs associated with the equipment that is leased and all warranties are transferred directly to you. Tax Implications of Equipment Leasing Lease payments are usually 100 percent tax deductible, which allows you to deduct the payments as a business expense. Please consult with a tax adviser to determine if equipment leasing is an appropriate form of financing for your company.

Purchase Options

The purchase option is a reasonable estimate of the Fair Market Value of the equipment at the option date determined at the beginning of the lease. In order for your company to deduct lease payments as an expense, a purchase option must be calculated and represent a true estimate of the Fair Market value.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Provincial or Harmonized Sales Tax

The lessor pays all applicable taxes at the time the equipment is originally purchased. However, lease payments include GST and Provincial or Harmonized Sales Tax.