I work in an area prone to earthquakes large enough to inflict serious damage to my office, my building and me. As a partner in my firm, a wife and mother, this posed an unacceptable level of risk to those who care about and need me. My LifeGuard puts us at ease knowing I have a very safe place to immediately go when these earthquakes happen. When I think about the day a big one happens, I now feel confident and empowered instead of helpless.

Pamela Grinter

Principal, Riddell Williams

PARATUS offers free onsite design service to evaluate how to best retrofit your existing office.


In addition to being the only earthquake protection system on the market that can withstand a multi-story building collapse, LifeGuard Structures are resistant to high-velocity hazards such as blasts and bullets. A perfect solution for high-value targets like Embassies and Federal buildings.

Additional security features can include: access-point protection to stop a shooter from firing into a LifeGuard; a quick-slam door with locking pins and keyed access; armor plating. LifeGuard products offer structural and non-structural mitigation for usually between 1% and 10% of the cost of reconstruction or retrofit. Most LifeGuards are lab-tested and proven to support over one million pounds.

BC Government Commodity Codes
GroupCategoryGroup.CategoryDefault STOB
FurnitureOffice Furniture71.71106525
Emergency PreparednessSafetyKZ.KZ00
Safety EquipmentSafety42.4200


Can your business survive a large earthquake if you or any of your key employees are lost? What would it cost to replace your top people and how long would it take to get them up-to-speed? LifeGuard gives you confidence that you and your employees will survive.

If you're an employee or a tenant leasing space, and have no control over whether your building will be retrofitted to withstand an earthquake, LifeGuard may be the only way to protect yourself. Many older buildings are not retrofitted at all or are only partially retrofitted. Most of our conference tables, desks and workstations have been lab-tested and proven to support over one million pounds. They are bullet and blast-resisitant and can be stocked with emergency supplies.